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Trishul Overseas, a synonym of pioneer in textile machinery spares trade since its inception in 1985.
Trishul Overseas is distinguished for its services encompassing marketing, pre-sales consultancy, sales, distribution, after-sales-services.
Our expertise, skilled, qualified and efficient professional, quality products and our marketing network have contributed significantly to our position of
Smartcard printing is a reasonably new concept that has been developed for the goal of enhancing security in different establishments such as businesses and schools.
We offer ISO 9001 certified LDPE bags manufacturing process for comprehensive system of quality control for isolating potential quality issues in every step of manufacture.
Suppliers of humidity indicator cards are printed with moisture sensitive spots which respond to various levels of humidity with a visible color change from blue to pink.
Our container desiccant cargo dry paks are designed to protect against moisture, humidity, mold, mildew, bacterial growth while during export sailing vessels for various commodities product.
Our desiccant packets are fill with alumina balls, silica gel, molecular sieve which act as desiccant in different industries where moisture control is required.
Our silica gel packets and pouches are available in different sizes and widely use for moisture absorbents in various industries to protect product long time.
Our moisture absorber desiccant packets like unit pak and pillow pak are USFDA approve, DMF free fill with silica gel, molecular sieve, carbon and clay- desiccants material in tyvek bag.




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