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Custom molded rubber products are so diverse that it would be virtually impossible to name all of the applications of these products worldwide. These products are used in everything from farm equipment to jetliners, the oil & gas industry, railroads, trucking and countless other industries.

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CHINA'S manufacturing activities expanded in October after two months of contraction, indicating a recovery in the country's economy, a survey showed today.

The official Purchasing Managers' Index, a gauge of manufacturing activity slanted more towards state-owned firms, rose to 50.2 in October, up 0.4 point from a month earlier. It's also the first time it has climbed above 50 since July, acc
From Yahoo! News: Weaker-than-expected U.S. manufacturing figures, just days after China announced its own production slowdown, sent Asian stock markets down Wednesday.
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MANUFACTURING activities in China's state-owned enterprises continued to expand in January while the private sector reported shrinking activities, according to two separate surveys released today.

Their results, however, pointed to a stabilizing trend in the world's second-largest economy which remained a star performer last month amid slow economic growth worldwide, analysts said.

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