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Firestarter increases the rate of innovation for small businesses by connecting a company's employees. By connecting your employees through casual lunch meetings, you will find that they will become more eager to collaborate.
Satellite Internet: The Energy Innovation - Bursa Riau Forum (powered by Jcow)
Imagination and creativity can only go so far, reports Hu Yongqi in Beijing.

In the movie 2012, mankind is threatened with annihilation by a deluge, the likes of which has never been seen. Those who survive escape the flood in a gigantic ark.

The idea of this ark grabbed the popular imagination, particularly given the many floods China has experienced in recent years. Where would you find s
Foreign farm animals help improve breeds of cows and milk qualityThe country's massive demand for milk has led to an increase in imports of dairy cattle from Australia, New Zealand and Uruguay, but that trade is expected to slow in five years, according to a leading expert.
My China B2B - Taste of Italy will be keynote speaker at SIAL China's inaugural Retail & Hospitality Forum. Confirmed speakers include directors from Shanghai Import Food Enterprise Association, Shanghai Fisheries General Corporation (Group), Goodwell, Unilever China, XTC and many other elites from food, retail & hospitality industry.
CHINA'S plans to build a next-generation Internet network by 2015 will improve Internet penetration rate as well as create 3 million new jobs and a new system which can hold more Internet addresses.
Eager to shake off China's dodgy image as a low-cost producer of copy-cat knockoffs and cheap toys, as well as sustain economic momentum, local manufacturers and political leaders in China have a new buzz word: innovation.




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