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But there is no require to spend extra money for extended warranties. It has a standard insulation package, so it will not be the quietest dishwasher. Which goes to show that elegance require not to be sacrificed for performance. Most home appliances arrive with power conserving labels these times.
CONSUMERS visiting Carrefour stores in Shanghai are now able to trace the origin of vegetables and fruits on sale by scanning the Quick Response codes of products with their smartphones.

The production place and date of the item, the business license of its supplier and other information regarding the farms can be tracked down, officials said yesterday.

Customers will feel safe to eat these
FOOD authorities in central China's Henan Province yesterday ordered an investigation into a poultry company that reportedly bought sick and dead chicken from farms, then resold the sick ones to fast food restaurants such as KFC and McDonald's and processed the dead ones into animal feed.

The company, Doyoo Group, one of China's largest suppliers to KFC and McDonald's, said the company treated
SOME hypermarkets in Shanghai have stopped selling two snacks made by famous Chinese candy and snack maker Hsu Fu Chi, following a Shenzhen court ruling that the company should compensate consumers as the products contained banned substances.

Carrefour and Lotus said they have ordered their outlets in Shanghai to suspend selling Hsu Fu Chi's mango shortcake (pastry) and sesame sachima (also ca
WHILE all organic foods on sale in China are required to have a verification code as of yesterday so buyers can track their authenticity, some food was still being sold without the codes at Shanghai wet markets.

The system is set up so buyers can use the 17-digit verification code label to check the food at a website, The labels must be affixed as the food leaves the plant.

A number of big food and mineral water brands such as Qiaojiashan and Robust failed recent quality tests, city quality watchdogs said yesterday.

A batch of steamed buns produced by Qiaojiashan, a time-honored local brand known for its snacks and frozen foods, failed the test for exceeding the national standard of docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and the residue of aluminium, the Shanghai Bureau of Q
SHANGHAI forestry authorities said yesterday that fruit planted in the city is wrapped up in plain paper bags as it ripens and is safe to eat.

They were responding to worries about residue from pesticide-lined bags used on young apples in a major apple production area in east China's Shandong Province.

Yang Chufeng, deputy director with the Shanghai Forestry Station, said most local fruit g




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