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The legislation passed by the US to avoid the "fiscal cliff" will benefit the Chinese economy in terms of boosting exports and reducing the devaluation risks of China's US debt holdings, but will bring imported inflationary pressure to China, experts said Thursday.

US President Barack Obama signed the "fiscal cliff" legislation into law Wednesday in Hawaii, after the Republican-led House of Re
President Obama, Republican lawmakers must have suffered from memory loss since the last election as an army of independent advocacy groups have mounted an aggressive new public campaign to highlight the stakes in a deal to avoid an economically toxictake hikesand spending cuts could take hold in 35 days.
The push has all the makings of a political campaign -- coming just three weeks after Elec
What is the fiscal cliff, and how do we avoid it? The fiscal cliff will be crossed on Jan. 2, 2013 when $530 billion in tax increases and spending cuts take place.




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