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CONSUMERS visiting Carrefour stores in Shanghai are now able to trace the origin of vegetables and fruits on sale by scanning the Quick Response codes of products with their smartphones.

The production place and date of the item, the business license of its supplier and other information regarding the farms can be tracked down, officials said yesterday.

Customers will feel safe to eat these
Carrefour China on Tuesday denied selling its business to a Chinese local retail giant as previously reported, calling it a pure rumor.The French retail giant said it is firm in long-term investment in Chinese market.

The rumor arose from a series of moves of the World No.2 retailer in recent.

Reuters reported last week Carrefour faces tough choices to fund revival.

World No.2 retailer
CARREFOUR yesterday removed all the cod sold in its stores after people said that it was in fact escolar, usually known as oilfish, sold under the label of cod to cheat consumers.

The company said in response to consumers' questions that it has sealed all the cod, waiting for a third-party institution to test the product. In some Carrefour stores in Shanghai, cod pieces have been replaced by f




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