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CHINA'S dairy industry has the lowest quality standards in the world and that's posing health risks for consumers, an expert said yesterday.The current maximum safety limit for bacteria in raw milk, for example, or the Standard Plate Count, is set at 2 million cells per milliliter in China, while it is 100,000 cells in the European Union and the United States, China Business News reported yesterd
A pilot program will include the establishment of a cloud computing center in Shanghai's Jinshan district to ensure food traceability, Li Bin, director of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology's (MIIT) information center, told China Daily.

This means tracing food or ingredients across the partially or entirely reconstructed supply chain, so that recalls can be issued when quality
CHINA'S largest e-commerce group yesterday reported record transactions of 1 trillion yuan (US9 billion) in the first 11 months of this year, or equivalent to 5.4 percent of the country's total retail sales last year. said its consumer-to-consumer site achieved 800 billion yuan of sales and the business-to-consumer arm Tmall generated around 200 billion yuan. The total f
ALIPAY is emerging out from its virtual world and taking on the banks and mobile operators by launching a service that allows users to make payments at convenient stores and other offline vendors with their smartphones.
Bayer AG broke ground for a new polyurethane plant in Qingdao on Tuesday, underscoring the commitment of the German pharmaceutical and chemical producer and its local partners to China's sustained development of the building industry.
The potentials are clear. The EU sits at the top of the international value added chain with the United States. EU GDP is larger than the US. Taken together companies owned by the EU's member states are larger than US companies. The EU is China's largest export market, while China is the world's most rapidly growing import destination.

VENTURE capital investment in China jumped nearly 59 percent in July despite falling proceeds from new listings because of accounting anomolies.

A total of US5 million was invested in 36 announced VC projects last month, a rise of 58.8 percent from US3 million in June, financial analysis firm China Venture said in a report yesterday.

THE annual Private Label Fair will be held at the ShanghaiMart from next Wednesday to Friday, organizers said.

More than 220 exhibitors from 19 countries will participate, including the United States, Germany, France, Denmark, Italy and Turkey.

Foreign exhibitors have rented 25 percent of the show booths.

Private label products are those branded with a retailer's name, mostly the names o




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