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SHANGHAI'S next five-year plan should focus on innovation and economic restructuring if the city is to achieve its goal of furthering sustainable and green economic and social development, the city's Party Secretary Yu Zhengsheng told a meeting yesterday.

These initiatives will help Shanghai meet the challenges caused by economic uncertainties both at home and abroad, Yu added.

ABOUT 70 percent of Shanghai's population will drink higher quality water from the Qingcaosha Reservoir in the Yangtze River within five years, authorities said yesterday.

The Shanghai Water Authority said last night that the water supply system will be altered next year with the construction of a new main water source, the Qingcaosha Reservoir. Most of the city's population will start to enjo
THE end of Shanghai Expo means the beginning of a job hunting season for those who worked at the Expo site, as tens of thousands job seekers attended a job fair specially held for Expo workers and volunteers yesterday.

The fair's organizer, the Shanghai Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, aimed to help nearly 20,000 Expo workers and volunteers to find new jobs. Although a large portion
PARTICIPANTS at the Shanghai World Expo jointly issued the Shanghai Declaration in Shanghai today as a "summary of the substantive achievements" of the 184-day event, looking to innovations as solutions in tackling the challenges of urban development.

The Shanghai Declaration is also "an expression of the shared aspirations of people around the world for a 'Better City, Better Life'," accordin
GOVERNMENT heads, business leaders and scholars from around the world will gather in Shanghai today to discuss urban innovation and sustainable development at the 2010 Shanghai World Expo Summit Forum.

Care for the environment, investment in green energy, prudent financial regulations and better academic research and development are among the keys to creating a sustainable city, forum particip
Distinguished Guests,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The Expo 2010 Shanghai China is coming to close. This is an Expo that has attracted worldwide attention. Under the theme of "Better City, Better Life", the Expo has put on display the splendid achievements of contemporary civilizations, pooled human wisdom in exploring the path of urban development, set many Expo-related records, and added a glori
THE Shanghai World Expo 2010 is more than an "eye-opener" on global material accomplishments but leaves a spiritual legacy that holds the soul of the gala event, said Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao today at the Expo Summit Forum in Shanghai.

"Only when civilization accomplishments are sublimated to spirits and sensibility, can they be the mutual treasures of all human kind and be carried
Bosses pin hopes on new business following the end of the six-month show in Shanghai

When the Expo 2010 Shanghai ends, will it mark a period of economic gloom? That's the question many hotels are asking as the six-month carnival in the minicipality draws to a close on Oct 31.

In the months before the opening of the Expo on May 1, a total of 5,976 new rooms, an increase of 18 percent,




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