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TENS of thousands of people flocked to the World Expo site yesterday to visit the China Pavilion and other attractions after nine roads at the Pudong section of the site reopened to the public.

The Expo Culture Center, where the opening and closing ceremonies were held, also opened yesterday.

People can see more than 200 Expo pavilions in Pudong from Shibo Avenue, the main route on the Pudo
The China Pavilion, the top attraction at the recently concluded Expo 2010 Shanghai, will reopen to the public on Dec 1 for a period of six months.

Visitors will be charged 20 yuan for entry.

According to the Expo organizers, the "Crown of the East", as the China Pavilion is known, will retain all its features from the Expo, which drew to a close on Oct 31.

A new exhibition will be added
City plans to transform itself into a global financial hub by 2020

The local government is making moves to enhance its mergers and acquisitions (M&As) market, a move in tune with Shanghai's ambition to make itself a global financial hub by 2020.

The city will initially actively propel the construction of its financial market and M&A-related auxiliary services, especially the agents who faci
SHANGHAI is soon to have its third and biggest incineration plant, located next to the coastal Laogang garbage landfill site which processes most of the city's daily trash.

The Laogang incineration plant is due to be complete by the end of 2012 and open in 2013, the manager of the project said yesterday.

It will burn 3,000 tons of trash every day by its first phase, with capacity doubled in
THE Urban Best Practices Area at the World Expo 2010 will remain as a showcase for good urban development and not be developed into an entertainment district as was previously mooted, city officials said yesterday.

All its 80 exhibitors from cities around the world have agreed to leave their pavilions or some exhibits there.

These will be modified for a long-term exhibition, said Huang Jian
SHANGHAI will gradually restrict the production of bottled water containers in the future and encourage the water-supply industry to come up with greener replacements through incentives, according to the city's economic policy planner.

The Shanghai Development and Reform Commission will team up with the city's other economic authorities to reduce the supply and demand for the current type of b
THE Hamburg Pavilion is to remain in Shanghai after the German city presented the building to the Shanghai government, the pavilion's director said on Wednesday.

"Hamburg hoped the building could become a part of Shanghai and will continue to open to the public," Lars Anke, director of the pavilion, said during a press conference?yesterday.

He said the 570-square-meter building, the only on
ABOUT 10 foreign national pavilions "have the possibility" of remaining in Shanghai even though the World Expo 2010 is over, the city's top official said in a TV interview yesterday.

Some countries have expressed hopes that their pavilions would be kept in the city and experts have been evaluating which should be retained, said Shanghai Party chief Yu Zhengsheng. However, he did not specify wh




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