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LOCAL companies will be fined up to 50,000 yuan (US$8,025) for selling goods with too much packaging, according to a new law approved yesterday.

The new law to take effect in February next year aims to cut down on unnecessary use of resources and reduce the city's waste, according to Shanghai People's Congress.

China currently restricts packaging of two commodities: moon cakes and cosmetics
CHINA successfully launched another satellite into space for its indigenous global navigation and positioning network at 11:33 pm yesterday, the launch center said.

The satellite, launched from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center in the southwestern province of Sichuan, was boosted by a Long March-3C carrier rocket.

It was the 16th satellite for the Beidou system, or Compass system.

The European Commission is likely to launch an anti-dumping investigation against China's solar industry, the China New Energy Chamber of Commerce said on Wednesday as it called for dialogue to settle the dispute.

"The aftermath of Europe's investigation once launched will be much more severe than the one initiated by the US," said Liu Hanyuan, vice-president of the chamber, which represents C
Imagination and creativity can only go so far, reports Hu Yongqi in Beijing.

In the movie 2012, mankind is threatened with annihilation by a deluge, the likes of which has never been seen. Those who survive escape the flood in a gigantic ark.

The idea of this ark grabbed the popular imagination, particularly given the many floods China has experienced in recent years. Where would you find s
A CHINESE nuclear battery will power the country's first moon rover after it lands on the lunar surface next year on board Chang'e-3, China's third lunar probe, according to the chief scientist of China's lunar project.

The battery, using plutonium-238, will be able to power the 100-kilogram vehicle for more than 30 years, Ouyang Ziyuan said over the weekend.

"The nuclear power system will
THE Qidong city government announced yesterday that construction of a Japanese paper mill's pipeline to the sea near Shanghai had been suspended amid an outcry over potential pollution.

Qidong residents had petitioned against the construction on the grounds that it would pollute the nearby Lusi Fishery, and plans for a protest had prompted the response from the city government, the website of
CHINA'S Tiangong-1 space module has been specially designed for females, as the country's first woman astronaut will join Shenzhou-9 manned spacecraft docking mission this week and live in the Tiangong for 13 days.

Despite the module being only 15 cubic meters inside, the female astronaut will have a separate toilet and bedroom that is soundproof to protect her privacy, Pang Zhihao, a research
THE government has started building charging stations along major expressways in Shanghai and neighboring provinces to encourage the use of pollution-free electric vehicles.

The lack of a more complete battery-charging network for the public is a big barrier hampering development of electric cars and buses, according to the transport authorities ...




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