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CONVENIENCE stores including FamilyMart, Lawson and Kedi have come under fire after some of their outlets were found selling expired food.

Four downtown outlets of FamilyMart were selling expired puffs, custard pudding, bean curd, potato salad and cherry tomatoes, the Shanghai Morning Post reported yesterday.

A Kedi store on Fuxing Road E. was selling a Kung-Pao-chicken packaged meal expire
CONSUMERS visiting Carrefour stores in Shanghai are now able to trace the origin of vegetables and fruits on sale by scanning the Quick Response codes of products with their smartphones.

The production place and date of the item, the business license of its supplier and other information regarding the farms can be tracked down, officials said yesterday.

Customers will feel safe to eat these
List of banned products covers food and animals

Fines are being imposed on individuals attempting to bring bird's nest, a traditional delicacy, into the country as new regulations came into force on Thursday.

The delicacy, made from the saliva of a cave swift, has been added to the list of banned products, along with fresh fruit and vegetables.

Bird's nest is a popular gift in China, par
NONGSHIM instant noodles passed quality tests after six flavors made in South Korea were found to contain carcinogenic substances, the Shanghai Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision said yesterday.

No carcinogenic substance was found in the seasoning powder of 15 batches of Nongshim instant noodles and three batches of its noodles produced and sold in the city, it said.

Chinese foodmaker Yinlu Foods Group has announced plans to spend almost half a billion dollars in the construction of two new factories. The investment will serve to increase capacity by two-thirds.
Western breakfast brands don’t often work in China. They need manipulating to appeal to very different tastes, packaging and format preferences and, of course, another language.
China's hog figures see a three-year decline which may drive pork imports to record levels for 2013. (Source: eFeedlink)
China this week launched a registration system to record the variety and origin of imported food. The measure comes as part of the government’s bid to establish a tracking system for food imports to improve safety.




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