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More and more Chinese are willing to spend money in exchange for a brilliant set of teeth. Liu Zhihua finds out why healthy, beautiful teeth are now a sign of the times, but a better system of dental health is needed for the man-in-the-street.

A brilliant smile is a show of confidence, but only as long as you have a mouth full of pearly whites. As living standards head north, ma
China will build 10 traditional Chinese medicine trading centers worldwide by 2015 to develop TCM services in Southeast Asia, Europe, the Middle East and North America.

The State Council Information Office held a news conference on Thursday to discuss advice given by 14 administrative departments on measures to develop the TCM industry. Building trading centers was one of the eight key tasks a
Shanghai's pediatric hospitals yesterday started to remove a GlaxoSmithKline antibiotic treating children's upper respiratory diseases and urinary tract infection from their pharmacies and inform parents that they will give full reimbursement if returning the drug.The emergency actions were launched after the State Food and Drug Administration issued a statement on its website yesterday, requirin
MORE than 300 batches of fake drugs were seized by city watchdogs and police last year, a conference heard yesterday.Producers of the 306 counterfeit lines have been treated according to the law, said Shanghai Food and Drug Administration officials.
Trader hoarding, supply shortages drive up prices, increasing profitsThe year 2010 has seen enormous fluctuations in the price of traditional Chinese herbal medicines, price changes that have put pressure on people who need them for their health, but have benefited traders in the time-honored remedies.....
The country's biopharmaceutical industry needs to tighten quality control measures and maintain its own standards to overcome barriers in overseas markets as well as secure an emerging domestic one, officials have said.

"Quality problems in food and pharmaceutical products will have a lethal effect on consumer confidence. The melamine-tainted milk scandal provided a negative example," Liu Zhan
Global pharmaceutical sales may rise 5 to 7 percent next year to $880 billion on soaring demand in developing nations led by China as it becomes the world's third-largest drug market, according to IMS Health Inc.

The 2011 projection compares with this year's 4 to 5 percent growth in drug sales to $840 billion, the research company based in Norwalk, Connecticut, said in a report released on Oct
SCIENTISTS from Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica under the Chinese Academy of Sciences have begun research into a new superbug which resists almost all antibiotics, institute officials said yesterday.

The bacteria, believed to have originated in India and which spread to other parts of the world after people traveled there for cheaper medical services, has so far infected 170 peo




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