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SINOPEC yesterday denied it has cooperated with a group-purchase website that offers discounted Sinopec prepaid cards after consumers suspected the site may be cheating them.

The website,, promoted on its front page that consumers could pay 465 yuan (US$73) for a 500 yuan prepaid gas card, with the cards limited to 23 cities that include Shanghai, Beijing and Ningbo. Consumers had t
BAIDU Inc, the owner of China's largest search engine, said it will strengthen collaboration with independent software developers to share its rich resource in customer-generated content on various platforms with them.
OFTEN praised as "non-profit, righteous guardians," privately owned consumer-protection websites are getting popular among locals, who use them as free online platforms to publish names of dishonest companies when they get cheated.

But it turns out these websites are working not only for consumers but are also dealing with the dishonest companies, demanding they pay money if they want to get t
HALF of Chinese broadband users don't enjoy the speed promised by telecom companies because the real speed is far below that claimed by telecom operators, a report claimed yesterday.

The average cost of broadband bandwidth in the Chinese mainland is also much higher than in Western countries and Hong Kong, according to the Beijing-based Data Center of China Internet.

The report echoed the c
GOVERNMENT agencies in Beijing published new rules today requiring users of the country's Twitter-like microblogging services to provide their true identities when registering for microblog accounts.

According to the rules on Beijing's microblog management, which went into effect today, web users need to give their real names to website administrators before being allowed to put up microblog p
ONE of the city's leading group-purchase websites,, was fined 30,000 yuan (US$4,712) for posting a fake driving school training course to lure customers, according to the city's market watchdog.

Local industrial and commercial authorities warned consumers about a number of online group purchase scams. Officials have dealt with 31 cases this year, in which some major websites offerin
ABOUT 60 percent of consumers who have participated in online group purchases have had their rights violated at least once, according to a survey carried out by a consumer rights watchdog from 22 cities, including Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen, officials said yesterday.

Only 16 percent of the respondents said they were satisfied with the group purchase, where consumers buy a coupon at a disco
TWO of China's top telecommunications operators have promised to cut broadband rates and lift Internet access speed over the next five years, aiming to terminate a government anti-monopoly probe on broadband business launched last month.

China Telecom and China Unicom, which together hold almost 90 percent of the country's broadband market share and have more than 100 million accounts, said ye




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