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Imagination and creativity can only go so far, reports Hu Yongqi in Beijing.

In the movie 2012, mankind is threatened with annihilation by a deluge, the likes of which has never been seen. Those who survive escape the flood in a gigantic ark.

The idea of this ark grabbed the popular imagination, particularly given the many floods China has experienced in recent years. Where would you find s
REVENUE of China's software and information technology service industry will surpass 4 trillion yuan (US4.9 billion) in 2015, more than double the 2010 level, thanks to new opportunities like cloud computing, next-generation network and chip design, the IT industry regulator said yesterday.
Electronics market Zhongguancun signed more agreements with high-tech partners and enterprises on March 28 for its Zhongguancun Science Town project.
A NEW batch of subsidized apartments in Zhangjiang High-Tech Park in Pudong, often referred to as Shanghai's Silicon Valley, were released yesterday as part of the city's effort to attract talented professionals.

Just 1,000 yuan (US7.5) a month on average rents an apartment with toilet, kitchen and basic furniture.
Eager to shake off China's dodgy image as a low-cost producer of copy-cat knockoffs and cheap toys, as well as sustain economic momentum, local manufacturers and political leaders in China have a new buzz word: innovation.
SHANGHAI International Group is to set up a venture capital firm to offer finance to small and medium enterprises as part of the city's strategy to support the underfinanced sector.

The investment arm of the Shanghai city government will invest 1 billion yuan (US6 million), including 500 million yuan of city government revenue, in the new firm, the Shanghai Financial Services Office said yeste
China has over 150 business start-up incubators for Chinese students who have studied abroad, according to a statement issued at a national working conference on services for returning Chinese students Monday.
Expert: 'Major revolution is imminent' in data handling and computing systems

State-owned enterprises (SOEs) will need to make sweeping improvements in their information technology (IT) over the next five years to meet rising global business demands, said a high-tech expert with the central government administration that governs SOEs.




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