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China came in first and Germany second in clean-energy investment last year, while the United States fell one spot to third place, Reuters reported on Tuesday, citing a Pew report.

US investment in clean energy totaled billion last year, the report "Who's Winning the Clean Energy Race" by Pew Charitable Trusts, an independent, nonprofit group. That was up 51 percent from the previous year but
The green goals in China's new five-year plan present opportunities for European and Chinese businesses.

"With China pushing low-carbon growth up the political and business agenda, there are considerable opportunities for UK businesses with low-carbon knowledge, capability, and commercial expertise," said Susan Haird, acting chief executive of UK Trade & Investment, in an exclusive interview w
China, the world leader in wind power by installed capacity, is facing a growing problem with grid connection as more than half of the electricity its wind farms generate goes unused.

According to a report by the State Electricity Regulatory Commission (SERC), unused wind-generated electricity amounted to 2.8 billion kilowatt-hours in the first six months of 2010 due to insufficient transmissi
Two Chinese companies jointly won a bidding project for solar power equipment with the United Nations worth million, said a representative for Peak International Trade (Tianjin) Co Ltd in east China municipality of Tianjin on Tuesday.

China's measures to develop wind energy will help to save energy, reduce emissions and protect the environment and are in line with the World Trade Organization (WTO) rules, the Ministry of Commerce said on Thursday in response to a US complaint against China's subsidy for the wind-power sector.

The United States on Wednesday accused China of illegally subsidizing the production of wind-power
Plan to reduce nation's growing dependence on fossil fuels

China's bioethanol production will reach 10 million tons a year by 2020, resulting in a 10 percent drop in oil imports, according to COFCO group, China's largest grain trader.

"To develop a non-fossil fuel by advanced technology within an agricultural context is an important strategy for COFCO," said Lin Hailong, assistant general m
It is late at night in Beijing and Han Liang is at his small restaurant long after his last customers have left, waiting for a sanitation worker to remove the waste.

"I never ask his name, although he has been coming for our garbage every day for about a year," Han said. The only thing he knows about that man is that he is a farmer and uses the restaurant refuse to feed his pigs.

"He pays m
OUR ancestors preached it. Our parents taught it to us. The West is adopting it. So why are we Asians abandoning it?

I'm talking about environmental consciousness. Conserving water. Switching off a TV that no one is watching. Calling the municipality to get a recycling bin in the building. Not flushing the toilet at night (that one always raises eyebrows).

Growing up in India in the 1980s,




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