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SHANGHAI will expand the switch to value-added tax for seven industries, raise the pensions of retired and low-income people, improve air-quality monitoring and increase investment for education in 2012, Mayor Han Zheng told the city's top legislative body yesterday.

The disparate measures will help Shanghai continue to drive innovation in its economic growth and improve people's daily lives,
VISITORS can enjoy a lifelike experience of piloting an aircraft on flight stimulators at the Shanghai Aviation Scientific Promotion Museum, which opened yesterday.

Air enthusiasts can experience taking off and landing in the cockpits, which contain simulations of runways at 15,382 airports around the world - including the risky super-short 245-meter runway of Germany's Helgoland Airport.
CITY anti-corruption authorities said yesterday that 377 government staff were investigated in more than 300 graft probes this year.

And the city discipline inspection watchdog said 726 officials received administrative...
CHINA and Japan have agreed to start formal talks early next year on a free trade pact that would also include South Korea, Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda said yesterday after talks with Chinese Premier Wen...
A SHANGHAI version of Black Friday was staged at department stores over the weekend as a prelude to the upcoming new year promotions.

Bargain hunters elbowed their way to shelves and cleared out merchandise without even looking at price tags at Printemps Department Store, which launched the first overnight new year promotion in the city at four outlets on Friday.

During a promotion running
THE Italy, Luxemburg and Netherlands pavilions, plus the former site of the UK Pavilion, are to reopen as a complex for visitors and business in March, officials said yesterday.

The three pavilions will keep their original looks, while a square will be retained at the UK Pavilion, the main part of which has been dismantled.

"The compound will become a platform for cultural, business and soc
NINGBO, Zhejiang - Da-yangyu, the first island ever to be put up for auction in China, sold for 20 million yuan ($3.15 million) on Friday.

Ningbo Gaobao Investment, which deals in real estate and tourism development, won a three-way bidding war for the right to use the land for 50 years and build a luxury resort.

"I think 20 million yuan is a reasonable price," said Yang Weihua, general man
SHANGHAI will hold the biggest matchmaking party in the city's history next month. More than 10,000 people are expected to participate free of charge, and their parents are also welcome.

Participants are required...




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